Partners and PRO-teams

OEM Partners

Peak Polar is a young and small company with big ambitions. We focus on sustainability, quality and modularity. We only want top-shelf components in our systems, as a product is never stronger than its weakest link. We are grateful that world’s leading manufacturers choose to bet on us as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). This reflects that even big brands believe in what Peak Polar stands for!

Garmin is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of electronics for a number of user segments in the private and public space. Peak Polar has an OEM agreement with Garmin which enables us to adapt and deliver intuitive solutions with high-quality components to our customers systems, regardless of user group and type of system worldwide.

Peak Polar is an OEM partner with the world’s leading supplier of battery-based energy systems, Victron Energy. They are well known for quality and modularity. Victron Energy has over 1,000 different products in their portfolio, which together can solve most challenges for our customers in the distribution and storage of electricity in mobile and modular systems supplied by us.

Strategic Partners

We strive to deliver the best alternative in all segments we will produce and deliver to. As a result, we have gained partnerships with a number of different leading companies, organizations and retailers who want to be associated with our products and values.

This is Norways gathering point for events and courses in the outdoors, hunting, fishing and dog training and has a great location in Flå in Hallingdal. They are under the organization NJFF (Norwegian Hunting and Fishing Association). A large number of courses and certifications in tracking and search dogs are organized here, in order to be approved by the Norwegian authorities to be able to take on such assignments. Peak Polar produces dog transport systems of the highest quality with innovative solutions and has tailor-made solutions for active and professional dog handlers.

Almunge Hundcenter is one of Europe’s largest training centers for dogs. Dog handlers and dogs can train in realistic but controlled situations to gain competence to work with dangerous game. In addition, Almunge Hundesenter offers mental testing, courses and certification and has a high level of expertise in dog keeping. Almunge Hundcenter is, among other things, recognized by the Svenska Jägareförbundet (Swedish hunting association) and several hundred dog handlers visit them to train or increase their skills every year.

Jegerpodden is Norway’s largest media channel for hunters and dog handlers. They entertain both in the form of podcasts, films and large events. They organize live shows and concerts. Jegerpodden can be found at several large fairs within the respective segments. Over several years, they have been a strong voice for active users and nature preservers of Norway’s beautiful wilderness and its resources. Jegerpodden and Peak Polar have an official collaboration and they can be considered both a PRO team member and a strategic partner in the dog transport and equipment category.


We also work continuously to develop products and systems for the recreational market. As part of our development process and quality control, we need professional users who also place high demands on their equipment in order to get valuable feedback in our development. The fact that our PRO team members want to collaborate with Peak Polar is both an honor and extremely valuable in our work to become the industry standard in our focus areas.

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