Products in production

We work with a significant number of individual systems and even more accessories to complete our modular concept to a wide user segment. Everything within recreation, contractor and authority/public sector will be thoroughly covered in the coming years.

Peak Polars CarryFRAME system is a patent pending concept that consists of a number of components and a complex profile system which together make it possible to solve all logistical needs in both small and large organisations. Our system is regularly supplemented with new unique key components to solve challenges that have not yet been adequately solved.

Below are our first products that are now in production. Please notice that these are not the only ones, but the first.

Canis 3 PRO – dog transport system

This is our first of several dog transport systems to be launched in the future. With Canis 3 PRO, we have set a new industry standard in quality and function!

UniCAP – modular canopy

This is the world’s first 100 % modular canopy. As a canopy, it is extremely useful in its function without further equipment. Do you need furnishing? Whatever your needs, UniCAP is the ultimate solution!

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