About Peak Polar

Welcome to Peak Polar – we will equip the future!

Our journey began in 2020, after years of reflection and a determination to reshape the industry. From the spark of ideas shaped over time and insight, a groundbreaking collection of components named ArcLock was born, set to revolutionize the way pickups are equipped. We are proudly composed of a team consisting of engineers with sharp focus, creative visionaries with a playful approach, and experienced business developers who understand what it takes to thrive in a competitive world.

We're always striving to raise the bar

At Peak Polar, our continuous aim is to enhance and simplify the lives of those who use pickups in their daily routines, whether it’s for personal or professional use. We are driven by a passion for quality and safety embedded in every step of our development process. We consistently believe in pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to refine our products – we’re always striving to raise the bar.


Peak Polar comprehends that efficiency, safety, and durability are not just desires for our customers – they are requirements that must be met. Our products are designed with these core values in mind, and we are committed to delivering solutions that surpass expectations.


Explore our website to take a closer look at our products. We take pride in what we’ve achieved so far, but we also recognize greater possibilities on the horizon. Join us on this journey as we continue to rewrite the narrative of pickups with innovation, quality, and dedication as our guiding principles.