Discover UniCap, our revolutionary 100 % modular canopy that stands apart with its innovative and patented ArcLock system.

Built upon this distinctive technology, UniCap redefines versatility and adaptability in canopies. Designed to meet to your individual needs or those of your business, UniCap holds a quantity of T-slot tracks that empower you or your authorized dealer to seamlessly attach and customize the equipment essential to you. 

Whether for personal recreation or professional applications, UniCap is your answer. UniCap’s foundation rests on a robust self-supporting framework, ensuring both structural integrity and functional flexibility.


Central to the UniCap consept is the DockLock quick attachment system, an integral part of our patented ArcLock system. This system empowers you to transform your vehicle’s setup quickly and efficiently, preserving its adaptability for various needs.

Switch between work and leisure configurations effortlessly – UniCap, paired with the DockLock system, makes it possible within minutes. By removing UniCap when not in use, you contribute to fuel savings, protect your vehicle, and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

UniCap specs

  • Central locking system that can be connected to the car’s central locking (Can be connected to the car’s central locking if it is possible to retrieve signals from the car, or supplemented with a separate central locking unit and remote control from Peak Polar)
  •  High-quality gas springs 
  • 30 mm sandwich panels combine high strength, low weight, and very good insulation capability
  • With the ArcLock system, clamp brackets for additional equipment such as lights, lifting eyes, or roof tents can be retrofitted freely where the ArcLock profile is available 
  • External corner covers can be easily removed to access external channels for routing electrical cables
  • Powder-coated aluminum on the outside withstands years of heavy use in all kinds of weather
  • Exclusive surface finish available in the car’s color
  • Extremely solid construction where the car’s characteristics will often be the limiting factor
  • UniCap is highly recyclable while using materials of quality surpassing industry standards.


Elevate your UniCap adventure by incorporating the TubKit – a complete solution that encompasses walls and a floor. This enclosed system can be customized to suit both your individual and professional preferences with supplementary accessories, guaranteeing seamless harmony with your needs.